Great bear, the — A thematic anthology of oral poetry in

Honko, Lauri; Timonen, Senni; Branch, Michael
Title: Great bear, the — A thematic anthology of oral poetry in
Authors: Honko, Lauri (Author)
Timonen, Senni (Author)
Branch, Michael (Author)
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Product form: Hardcover
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Publisher: SKS Kirjat
Series: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran toimituksia 533
Edition: 1993
Language: many languages
Pages: 787
Product family: Literature
Finnish library classification: 86.2 Suomen ja suomalais-ugrilaisten kielten kirjallisuuden historia ja tutkimus
These 450 poems, songs, charms, prayers and laments in the original languages and in English convey the worldview and an insight into the lives of pre-literate peoles. The text illustrate the beliefs, perceptions and artistic genius of fifteen peoples scattered across Northern Europe deep into Russia and beyond the Urals, and of Hungarians in Central Europe.

Each sections is introduced by a specialist essay.

This book is a companion volume to Iso Karhu/The Great Bear. Old Photographs of the Volga-Finnic, Permian-Finnic and Ob-Ugrian Peoples (1980).