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Kelkettelyeänijä eli vienankarjalaisia joikuja

Viena Karelian yoiks

Toim. Maari Kallberg


The Viena Karelian yoik, once found in a small area in the western part of Viena Karelia (White Sea Karelia) is no longer a living song tradition. Only a small number of yoiks have been written down or recorded.

Yoik verses are epic and free in metre although in the southern part of the yoik-singing area lyrical yoiks were sung in Kalevala metre. Alliteration and repetition i. e. the expression of the same idea in various paraphrases is a typical feature of yoiks.

Yoiks utilise euphemistic expression and symbolic language. The tone is often humorous and satirical. The yoikers were usually women, but the subject of yoiks were often young men and their lives. Women in yoiks were represented as a part of men's lives: as mothers and brides. The yoiks often dealt with the bride's attempts to adapt to her new mother-in-law. Topical events and personalities were also the subject of yoiks.

The most striking feature of Karelian yoiks is the refrain which was also onomatopoetically called the 'hehetys' or 'luikahus' part, i.e. the verse part in which the singer utters meaningless syllables and switches her register wit a "jolt" portraying her skills in voice control.

Because of their improvisatory nature, yoiks are usually sung alone.


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