Dynamics of tradition — perspectives on oral poetry and folk belief

Tarkka, Lotte
Nimeke: Dynamics of tradition — perspectives on oral poetry and folk belief
Tekijät: Tarkka, Lotte (Toimittaja)
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Saatavuus: Toimitusaika 1-3 arkipäivää
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Kustantaja: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Sarja: Studia Fennica. Folkloristica 13
Painos: 1. painos, 2002
Kieli: englanti
Sivumäärä: 390
Tuoteryhmät: Kulttuuri
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Kirjastoluokka: 86.14 Kansanrunouden historia ja tutkimus
Anna-Leena Siikalan juhlakirja

Essays in Honour of Anna-Leena Siikala on her 60th Birthday


Satu Apo, Anna-Leena Siikala at 60: A Scholarly Travelogue
Jukka Siikala, God Spoke Different Things - Oral Tradition and the Interpretive Community
Diarmuid O Giollain, Tradition, Modernity and Cultural Diversity
Pertti J. Anttonen, Folklore, History and the "Story of Finland"
Jawaharlal Handoo, People Are Still Hungry for Kings - Folklore and Oral History
Barbro Klien, One of His Race - at Skansen? Reflections on Heritage Making, Museum Politics and Cultural Difference
I. N. Gemuev, Mansi Sacred Covers
Irina Il'ina & Oleg Ulyashev, Sacred Personae of Komi - Myths and Ethnographic Reality
Lauri Harvilahti, Ethnocultural Substrates in Altay Shamanistic Folklore
Juha Pentikäinen, Localization Inside Globalized Societies - Perspectives on Recent Religious Developments in the North
Seppo Knuuttila, Mythscape
Albert Baiburin, The Concept of Word in Russian Tradition
Mihaly Hoppal, Signs and Symbols in Siberian Rock Art
Mehri Bagheri, The Myth of the Fettered Dragon
Lauri Honko, The Quest for the Long Epic: Three Cases
Alla I. Alieva, Manifestation of Constant Narrative Patterns Through Poetical Description in the Nart Epics
Tom DuBois, Dynamics and Continuities of Tradition - What a Finnish Epic Songs Can Teach Us About Two Old Norse Poems
John Miles Foley, The Challenge of Translating Traditional Oral Epic
Satu Apo, Lönnrot's Voice in Kalevala
Vladimir V. Napolskikh, On the Literary Sources of M. G. Khudianov's Song of Udmurt Heroes
Veikko Anttonen, Sacred Sites as Markers of Difference - Exploring Cognitive Foundations of Territoriality
Pekka Hakamies, The Cognitive Viewpoint in Proverb Studies
Leea Virtanen, Where Does the Vitality of Everyday Beliefs Come from?
Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhöj, The Narrator's Emotions
Timothy R. Tangherlini, "And All Anyone Heard..." - Crystallization in Paramedic Storytelling

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