Changing Scenes — Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle

Lyytikäinen, Pirjo
Title: Changing Scenes — Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle
Authors: Lyytikäinen, Pirjo (Editor)
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Publisher: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Series: Studia Fennica Litteraria 1
Edition: 2003
Publication year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 218
Product family: Literary Studies
Studia Fennica Litteraria
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Finnish library classification: 86 KIRJALLISUUSTIEDE
YSO - General Finnish ontology: kirjallisuudenhistoria, kirjallisuudentutkimus, kaunokirjallisuus, lyriikka, vuosisadan vaihde, dekadenssi, symbolismi, modernismi, naturalismi (taide), henkilökuvaus, naiset, kehitysromaanit, suomenruotsalainen kirjallisuus
Key words: Literature reseach, symbolism, history of literature, poetry, décadence
Six articles in Changing scenes represent the ongoing reassessment of fin de siecle literature in Finnish research. The period was seen in earlier research as something of a national renaissance or golden age and interpreted in the light of its national symbols and meanings. Only recently has more attention been paid to its international dimensions and its role in the modernisation of Finnish culture. In particular the spotlight has been trained on the reflection in Finnish literature of manifestations of the degeneration thinking so common in Europe at that time. Research has also picked out works and writers that featured less in earlier studies.

One modernist Finnish poet, Neustadt Prize-winning Paavo Haavikko, is also examined in an article representing the latest Finnish research in this field.