Dwelling in Political Landscapes — Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives

Lounela, Anu; Berglund, Eeva; Kallinen, Timo
Title: Dwelling in Political Landscapes — Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives
Authors: Lounela, Anu (Author)
Berglund, Eeva (Author)
Kallinen, Timo (Author)
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Publisher: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Series: Studia Fennica Anthropologica 4
Edition: 2019
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Pages: 296
Product family: Anthropology
Studia Fennica Anthropologica
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Finnish library classification: 49 KANSATIEDE. KULTTUURIANTROPOLOGIA
YSO - General Finnish ontology: maisemantutkimus, kulttuuriantropologia, politiikka, ympäristönmuutokset, asuminen, maisema, ympäristö
Key words: Landscape Studies, ecology, environmental studies, ethnography, transfiguration
Dwelling in Political Landscapes contributes to the anthropology of landscape and the field of political ecology. Environments change at speeds never before experienced. Massive species loss is just one transformation affecting life forms and their interactions, climate change another, and there are many more rapid and sometimes profound material and social changes that anthropologists working around the world attend to and document. By exploring how the material and conceptual are entangled in and as landscapes, this book takes up the invitation posed by such emerging novel situations to explore the potentialities of anthropology and related fields, to understand life when 'things are not what they used to be'. The complex entanglements of seemingly disconnected processes and the recent sense of crisis concerning environment, movements of people, climate change and other planetary transformations, raise the question over the role of anthropology and proper methodologies for studying these developments.