Storied and Supernatural Places — Studies in Spatial and Social Dimensions of Folklore and Sagas

Valk, Ülo; Sävborg, Daniel
Title: Storied and Supernatural Places — Studies in Spatial and Social Dimensions of Folklore and Sagas
Authors: Valk, Ülo (Editor)
Sävborg, Daniel (Editor)
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Publisher: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Series: Studia Fennica Folkloristica 23
Edition: 2018
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 281
Product family: Mythology and Religion
Studia Fennica Folkloristica
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Finnish library classification: 81 KANSANRUNOUS
YSO - General Finnish ontology: paikka, tila, paranormaalit ilmiöt, selittämättömät ilmiöt, yliluonnolliset olennot, kansanperinne, kansanusko, uskomukset, kerronta, kertomusperinne, kansantarinat, uskomustarinat, myytit, saagat, folkloristiikka, tutkimus, tutkimushistoria
Key words: Nordic and Baltic-Finnic folklore, the supernatural, place-lore, Old Norse literature, Legends
This collection of articles addresses the narrative construction of places, landscapes and their supernatural dimensions, the relationship between tradition communities and their environments, and the spatial conditions for encounters with the supernatural as they are manifested in European folklore and in early literary sources, such as the Old Norse sagas.

Articles in the book discuss places cursed and sacred, churches, graveyards, haunted houses, cemeteries, grave mounds, hill forts, and other tradition dominants in the micro-geography of the Nordic, Baltic and Baltic-Finnic peoples. It emerges that places accumulate meanings as they are layered by stories and memories about personal experiences. In addition to the local dimension of place-lore, the book scrutinizes the history of folklore studies, its geopolitical dimensions and its connection with nation building. It also sheds light on the social base of folklore and examines vernacular views of legendry and the supernatural.