Breathe — You know

Orenius, Melanie; Porola, Laura; Donner, Ulla
Titel: Breathe — You know
Originaltitel: Breathe - niinku hengitä
Författare: Orenius, Melanie (Författare)
Porola, Laura (Författare)
Donner, Ulla (Författare)
Artikelnummer: 9789518585421
Form: Mjukband
Tillgänglighet: Leveranstid 1-3 vardagar
Utgivningsdatum: 19.4.2024
Pris: 21,00 € (19,09 € moms 0 %)

Originaltitel: Breathe - niinku hengitä
Förlag: SKS Kirjat
Serie: Kirjokansi 367
Upplaga: 2024
Utgivningsår: 2024
Språk: engelska
Antal sidor: 103
Produktgrupp: Vår 2024
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Bibliotekssignum: 70 KONST. KONSTHISTORIA
How should you act in an art museum (or in the world in general)? Why is art so odd? And what if you just don't get it?

Lumi and Niki, 14-years-old and BFFs, are off to Helsinki. The main purpose of the trip is, of course, to get out of “Fartville” — but also Lumi's cousin's artwork, which has been chosen (!!!) for a big art museum exhibition. The only thing is, Lumi's cousin hasn't told them what the artwork looks like.
The art museum isn't quite what Niki and Lumi had imagined. What is Alfa the Jock from school doing there? What happens if you take a nap in the museum? Will Lumi and Niki ever find Lumi's cousin's artwork among all the apocalyptic horses and peculiar performances?

Breathe - You Know is a comic book about what the adult world of museums looks like through a young person's eyes. But, above everything else, it's a story about how important it is to share your excitements, disappointments, anxieties, and — of course — chips with your best friend.

The authors, Melanie Orenius and Laura Porola, are art educators at Amos Rex art museum. Ulla Donner's illustrations bring to life encounters between museum staff and visitors which have been inspired by real life events.