The burden of remembering — recollections & representations of the 20th century

Koresaar, Ene; Lauk, Epp; Kuutma, Kristin
Titel: The burden of remembering — recollections & representations of the 20th century
Författare: Koresaar, Ene (Redaktör)
Lauk, Epp (Redaktör)
Kuutma, Kristin (Redaktör)
Artikelnummer: 9789522221025
Form: Mjukband
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Förlag: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Serie: Studia Historica 77
Upplaga: 1. upplaga, 2009
Språk: engelska
Antal sidor: 252
Produktgrupp: Historia
Bibliotekssignum: 91.81 Nykyaika
Nationalbibliotekets ämnesord: muistelmat, muistot, narratiivisuus, kerronta, tulkinta, toinen maailmansota, poliittiset järjestelmät, kommunismi, holokausti, kollektiivinen muisti, traumat, poliittinen historia, elämäkertatutkimus, historia, Eurooppa
The Burden of Remembering is a book that focuses on two major turning points in the 20th century history that determine the formation of that century as a realm of memory - the Second World War and the collapse of Communist regimes and ideology in Europe. These two events are revisited from the pointo of view of transdisciplinary memory studies to demonstrate the interplay of continuance and discontinuance of political and cultural regimes of memory of these ruptures as well as their interconnections in present day discourses and practise of membering and forgetting. The memory practices and models of the Second Worl War are comparatively interrelated with the practices of remembering and interpreting the realities of the period after the fall of Communism in Europe.