Touching Things — Ethnological Aspects of Modern Material Culture

Korkiakangas, Pirjo; Lappi, Tiina-Riitta; Niskanen, Heli
Titel: Touching Things — Ethnological Aspects of Modern Material Culture
Författare: Korkiakangas, Pirjo (Redaktör)
Lappi, Tiina-Riitta (Redaktör)
Niskanen, Heli (Redaktör)
Artikelnummer: 9789522220912
Form: Mjukband
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Förlag: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Serie: Studia Fennica, Ethnologica 11
Upplaga: 1. upplaga, 2008
Språk: engelska
Antal sidor: 277
Produktgrupp: Antropologi
Studia Fennica Ethnologica
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ALLFO - Allmän finländsk ontologi: elämäntapa, kulutus, identiteetti, vaatteet, museoesineet, esineet, kansatiede, aineellinen kulttuuri
Material culture is something we can touch and can be touched by. It is simultaneously concrete artefacts and expression of values produced and shared by humans. But what is modern material culture like?

Material culture has always played an essential role in ethnological studies. The object of ethnological study has been the culture itself, the life reflected in things and artefacts, and the beliefs that lie behind the material. But like the definitions of subjects and concepts, the very meaning of material culture in modern ethnology is manifold and therefore needs to be considered continuously and repeatedly anew. This book discusses material culture from various viewpoints, such as museums, everyday life and consuming. The focus is on modern things from honeymoon mementos to sweaters and summer cottages.