Understanding Finnish Pensions

Ritola, Suvi; Väänänen, Niko
Titel: Understanding Finnish Pensions
Författare: Ritola, Suvi (Redaktör)
Väänänen, Niko (Redaktör)
Artikelnummer: 9789518585070
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Utgivningsdatum: 27.12.2023
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Förlag: SKS Kirjat
Serie: Kirjokansi 353
Upplaga: 2023
Utgivningsår: 2023
Språk: engelska
Antal sidor: 181
Produktgrupp: Höst 2023
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Who pays out my pension? How much pension do I get? Will the system be sustainable also in the future since the population ages? Who decides on pensions?

Pensions play a role in everyone's life - first as the payers of the scheme and later as its beneficiaries. Understanding Finnish Pensions explains how pensions are determined, how the pension scheme is governed, how pensions are financed and how our pension assets are invested.

This book explains the birth of the Finnish pension scheme and sheds light on what lies behind decision-making and pension reforms. It brings together assessments of the current scheme and mirrors the decisions made in Finland with those made elsewhere.

The Finnish pension system is the result of a political battle. Over the decades, it has become a significant intergenerational institution. Currently, pensions form the highest single item of expense of the welfare state. The investment assets of pension providers equal close to the country's annual GDP.

Understanding Finnish Pensions is relevant for experts, decision-makers and students, as well as for everyone interested in their own pension and society.